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      Desert Guides Blog

      Healthy Choices

      I am not immune to the feelings of wanting to be more healthy or wanting to be more comfortable in my own skin. I also know the struggle of finding companies that offer what you need, when you need it. I began my weight loss journey in January 2020 (no not as a resolution, it just happened to start during that month. I started out weighing in at 180 pounds on my 5'5" frame, and was told I was obese by my doctor...I will tell you I wasn't unhappy at that weight, I was comfortable and happy for the first time in years. But, it was a wake up call and I knew I needed to do better. The following companies are the ones that have helped me lose 20+ pounds so far and keep it off! (PS this photo is from Jan 2020-June 2020)


      Zyia Athletic Wear- I have fallen in love with this athletic wear line. The pants don't move during workouts, the bras are super cute and work for my 32I bra size and the best thing? They offer all sizes on most items up to size 20 (PS - don't be scared if it says restocking..that may be specific sizes, click on the photo to see it is available in your size) <3  

      Click on the Zyia Title to score some majorly cute items

      Weight Watchers - I am currently a member (blue plan!), and what I love is that I get to continue to eat the things I love, but learn about portion control. I also love that I do not need to track calories, but instead the point system on my phone is super simple. 

      Click the Weight Watchers Title above to receive one month free (with monthly subscription thereafter) 

      Obe´ home workout programs - I am currently a member and love the workouts. They have live classes throughout the morning, but also archived on demand classes. They range from 9-45 minutes depending on what you want. I have also been able to find chair workouts for my mom, which is a huge win!! 

      Click the Obe´ title above to receive 30% off your first month 

      I showered today...

      I showered today...

      The house is a lot too quiet, the car rides seem a little mundane, the morning routine goes a bit faster and the world seems turned upside down. Everything changes after losing someone you love, does not matter if it is a pet or a human loved one, the world changes.

      We all experience grief in our own ways, but time is the one thing that ties us all together. Grieving takes time, thats a known fact. Traditional work places give a minimal number of bereavement days with pay and then we are expected to return to work as normal at the same work load as before. If we show that we are not ready then there is the fear of losing our job and losing our income. How does this make sense? How is this the way society is set up? How does someone truly grieve when the world seems totally against it?

      As a small business owner, with no partners, return to work could be as early as the day after losing someone. Why? For some it is the sole source of income, and without customers coming in, we lose money and ultimately can not pay our bills and we could potentially lose the business. So at night, after worrying about everything business, we go home and comfort our family as best we can, continue to work on the business and put our own grief on the back burner. Being a small business owner is not always as glamorous as people think, while we do get to set our own "hours" many times these hours include much more then what is posted on the store front door or website. Supporting a small business helps in so many ways, but ultimately you are helping them grieve by taking some of the stress off their shoulders. For that we salute our customers, our friends...we couldn't get through the grief without you. 

      Yesterday I said goodbye to my best friend and little girl of 12 years. Yesterday my world turned upside down and became too quiet. Yesterday I sat in her spot and cried...Today I woke up to silence and let my other little fur ball sit on the no dogs allowed couch. Today I sat in her spot and cried...and....

      Today I took a shower...and that's okay


      Let's talk cup size and perfect fit

      Let's talk cup size and perfect fit

      For years I walked around wearing a 34B bra, and thought that was it. And like most of my friends, I thought one day after kids I would get a lift and maybe increase a cup size....well then I moved to Texas and somehow I increased to a 34DD. They do say everything is bigger in Texas right?!?! 

      Anywho....a few years back I thought my sister-in-law was a little crazy when she told me she got fitted for a new bra. Questions ran through my head, but really I didn't understand why would you need to get fitted. Why you need to pay someone to tell you what band and cup size you need....You go and try on a few bras, find the one you like and go home right?  

      Well, after two years, my sister in law finally convinced me to get fitted, so as a graduation gift she took me to The Bra Box here in San Antonio. As I was sitting in the changing room I still had no idea what to expect;  I honestly thought they would tell me what I already know. I ended up walking out with a 32G bra and I will never look back. 

      My back hasn't been hurting as much since wearing the correct size, my shoulders do not have groove marks from ill fitting straps and my shirts/dresses lay so much nicer. I also do not feel myself constantly rearranging and feeling self conscious as I have in the past. I highly recommend getting fit by a professional (no not all Victoria Secrets bra fitters actually know what they are doing, although some do!)!!

      Bra Fitting Tips

      If you're not in the market to get professionally fit quite yet, here are some tips that you can do the next time you go to buy a bra to help!

      • Bras fit differently, so you may find that you fit into a 34F as well as a 32G. This is normal - this also means that you should try on every bra you buy to ensure the fit is correct. 
      • The support for a bra comes from the band - so start here. Fit the bra initially on the loosest setting so that you can tighten the band as the material stretches over time.
      • The band should sit parallel to the floor and not ride up. You can raise your hands above your head to check for fit here. If the band rides up, it may be too big, and if it feels uncomfortably tight, it could be too small.
      • For underwire bras, the gore (the center piece joining the two cups) should lie flat on the center of your chest. If it’s floating off your body, your bra may be either too big or too small, or you may just need to try a different style or brand.
      • There should be no spillage or cutting into your sides or the top part of your chest when it comes to your cup. Gaping means that you need a bigger cup size or a smaller band size. Baggy or wrinkled cups mean that a bra is too big. Spilling over the top and sides is a sign that a cup is too small.
      • Use the “scoop and swoop” technique. Once you have a bra on, lift a breast with your hand from the side, situating it in the cup and above the underwire, and then tuck or smooth the top of your tissue into the cup to let it settle.
      • Because a person’s breasts can be of unequal size, my bra fitter suggested fitting based on your larger breast when trying on bras, so that you aren’t spilling out of a cup.
      • There is a correct way to put your bra on. Either place your arms in the arm holes and clasp around your back OR place clasp on the front of your body and turn until the cups are in front DO NOT flip the bra up, you should be able to slide your arms in the arm holes with no flipping. Both these tips will ensure longer lasting bras and wires. 
      • Finally, when washing and drying - never place your bra in the dryer and never hang it to dry. Lay your bra flat - the weight of the water will stretch your bra. 

      Do you know of a great bra store in your town? Comment below with what town and the name of the shop!! 

      Why Bohemian Style fits everyone

      Why Bohemian Style fits everyone

      We get asked all the time what exactly is bohemian style...honestly, it is an easy and semi complicated answer. While most people attribute boho style to festival ware, this couldn't be further from the truth in our opinion. 

      Let's start easy: the very definition of bohemian is a socially unconventional person who is involved in the arts...bohemian style is lose fitting, flowy and free. Many times, warm earth tones or jeweled tones, woven fabrics and embroidery are staples among true bohemian pieces. 

      Now, lets dive a little deeper: bohemian culture can be traced back to the Bohemia region (now part of the Czech Republic) and its people. So in essence, boho style is reminiscent of the Bohemians and their way of life. Why have i personally been drawn to this style my entire life?? My family is Bohemian, like from the actual Bohemia region prior to it becoming Czech Republic. So for me, it was not about identifying with the counter culture world of boho style, but more an ode to tradition. Bohemian style is about connecting with our inner artist, being a little daring in fashion and life choices, and living a life we are proud of on our own terms. It means mixing traditional with classic, textured prints with patterned prints, solids with more solids, bold accessories with simple's about being comfortable in your own skin.



      So how does one add in touches of bohemian style without being over the top? According to Wikihow there are various ways to style your clothing to get the look! 

      1. Layer your clothing. You are trying to create a sort of relaxed gypsy look. This means that you will want to layer clothes over each other to get a truly bohemian look.
      • This has the added advantage that if you get warm or cold you always have a layer you can remove or put back on whenever you need to.

      2. Choose oversized, flowing pieces. The whole idea of bohemian style is free and flowing. Long maxi skirts or peasant skirts are good ideas, as well as tunics and light tops. Anything that makes you feel light and comfortable is a good choice.
      • You can also look for flowing dresses that you can then layer other pieces over or under to get an effortless look.
      • Try to keep the layering towards the top of your body. You want the look the draw attention to your face, and if you do a lot of layering on the bottom (e.g. wearing pants under skirts) you will draw attention downwards which creates a “heavy” look.

      3. Emphasize your flowing pieces with one or two fitted pieces. Though you can certainly wear everything loosely fitted, if you want to, you can also throw in a few fitted pieces. For example, if you are wearing a very flowy tunic, you might then put on a pair of tight leggings, which will give you a bit of shape while also emphasizing the flowy shirt

      4. Choose natural fabrics. With such a focus on being in harmony with nature, you should look for clothing that is made of natural fibers.. You could also include a few pieces that are made of chiffon, lace, or silk.

      • Look for fabrics and materials that have are fair trade and ethically sourced. 

      5. Choose things you love. This is probably the most important thing you can do. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your personal style. Take some of the boho vibe and mix it with more traditional ware. Since bohemian style is born from the artists, the sky is really unlimited when it comes to picking pieces!

      I am not

      I am not

      I am not a single mom, or a mom for that matter. I am not a wife or a girlfriend. I am not a member of a church. I am not as healthy as I should be. I am not a doctor. I am not money rich. I am not sexy. I am not an extrovert. I am not a good dancer. I am not enough....the list goes on and on really.

      There are so many times in life that we are reminded of the things we are not; but, the things society tells us we are not should not define who we are. It’s time to stand up and be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished.  Some of the people we think of as friends believe they are everything, but they have no right to make other feel like nothing.  Society has no right to tell us that we are terrible because we do not fit the mold.

      I will be honest, a few of the things listed above I have chosen for my own personal path, while others were chosen for me. Some I can change when the time is right, others will forever be my destiny. However, I know others have heard them too.  There are other individuals who feel like they are only seen for the things they may be "lacking" instead of for the things they truly are.

      I am here today to say, you do not need to listen to the people who tell you who you are not. Remember: you are amazing, you are unique, you stand up for what you believe, you are beautiful inside and out, you are you and that is perfect.

      I will no longer let the things I am not define who I am and what I believe about myself. 

      So who am I? I am an average girl from Arizona living in Texas. I am a sister and a daughter. I am an aunt and a friend. I am a dog mom and a lover of all animals. I am incredibly loyal, even to those who do not deserve it. I am a believer in people and in helping others. I am a person who doesn’t use others. I am open and honest in all aspects of life, not to be mean but because it’s the right thing to do. I am a hard worker. I am educated and don’t look down on those who chose a different path. I am a little awkward and a little introverted. I am a believer in true love, even if it has let me down over and over. I am a believer in things greater than myself. I am a former educator who still believes in public education. I am an Occupational Therapist who strives to help others realize how amazing they are. I am a business owner who wants to change women's perspectives of what beautiful is....I am me and I am enough.

      So I ask, who are you?